impact trip


Travel with impact and volunteer in social or environmental causes for a truly meaningful experience.
Meet the locals, change lifes and travel responsibly.

Hunger and Food Waste

1 million tons of food are wasted every year in Portugal. This means over 2000 kgs of perfectly good food per day go to waste, basically 30% of all the food we consume. This is a shocking figure as it would be enough to feed the 500 homeless of Lisbon everyday, the 9000 institutionalised children around the country or the 28 thousand isolated elders of the countryside.

We have partnered with several institutions which aim at breaking this cycle and recover food from restaurants, supermarkets and our houses, and distribute it among families who need it.



It’s not new that we must respect the environment. It’s not new that people don’t do it.

We support local NGOs which aim at contributing to the environment protection. We support their initiatives by cleaning the Tagus river, planting trees in Lisbon, contributing to the preservation of Natural Reservations in the countryside among many other activities.

We follow the “Leave Only Footprints and Take Only Photos” motto in all our trips in Natural Parks and other Nature programs. We are also committed to sustainable travel and to reduce transportation-related energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. We only work with suppliers that comply with the most eco-friendly buses and cars to transport passengers and we use 100% electrical transportation when possible.


Fighting Poverty

Portugal is a beautiful place to live with its great weather, natural beauty and wonderful people. Unfortunately, not everyone in Portugal has access to the great quality of life the country can offer. Over 2 million people are in danger of living in poverty, including 500 thousand children and their families.

We try to do our part and work towards a fairer society where each and every person can satisfy their basic needs and take advantage of opportunities for a better life. We join efforts with local NGOs to provide them with decent clothing, enough meals per day and other basic goods, but also to break the cycle and provide them with training and suitable job opportunities. You can prepare cloths for babies or single mothers, review and improve their CVs or even repair their home. We walk the talk and take a step forward towards equality.


Support People with Disabilities

They have so much to teach you! And they are happy to learn from you, to know your experiences and culture or simply to be in your company.

Being on a wheelchair, having autism or any other form of disability is facing daily challenges and overcome them over and over, every single day. These are brave young people, children or even grandpas who have always a smile to remind us that today is a beautiful day.

Participate in their therapy, teach them something new and help a local NGO in their daily tasks to contribute to their recovery and progress. Challenge yourself, get out of your confort zone and you will take much more than what you give…


Abandoned animals

The sad true is that people are still selfish enough to abandon animals. Around 30 thousand animals were living in the streets last year and there is no sign it will stop. Homeless alone have their pets in the streets and these pets cannot survive only out of their love. They need vaccines, food every day and all other sorts of support.

We rescue abandoned animals from the streets and treat them so they can be healthy and find a new home. You can come and help with simple tasks like take them to a walk to play, you can help us clean and treat them or join the rescue teams and see the city while contributing to this cause.


Children Education

Education is a fundamental human right. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits. Yet millions of children remain deprived of educational opportunities, many as a result of poverty. It is still true even in a developed country like Portugal. Children have access to school but no support to continue their education, to follow their professional dreams, or no chance to have dreams at all.


We work closely with local organisations who support children and young people to continue studying, to broaden their horizons and to allow them to dream. You can do small things like sharing your profession, your culture or teach them a skill you have (playing music, acting, sports, cooking, you choose!), you can help improving their English, you can play street soccer with them or any other task to help that organisation support their dreams.


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