impact trip

Who we are

ImpacTrip is a tour operator which promotes unique Responsible Travel Experiences in Portugal.


Discover Portugal on a responsible and unforgettable trip that combines the best of traveling like a local with having a positive social and environmental impact on the local communities.

Get to know the locals, absorb Portuguese culture, eat tasty and healthy and get the best out of your holidays on trip that will make your stay a meaningful experience.

Our vision

We truly want to help people

We help with a smile on our face

We believe people don't know a place until they know the locals

We support local art

We want to change the way people travel

Our mission

Travel With Impact

The Team

  • Rita Marques

    Serial traveler and online marketing enthusiast with a special interest in innovative social solutions.


    Have lived in 3 different countries, Netherlands, Hungary and Malaysia, and
    and traveled through more than 34 other in 4 different continents assumes herself as a World citizen. The best travel? The next.
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  • Diogo Areosa

    Studied Tourism, specializing in Rural Tourism and travel Agencies 10 years experience in airlines in international management International tour escort for corporate events.


    Passionate about water sports was a sailing champion in his youth.
    Lived in Madrid for a year so try his Spanish!
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  • Sara Fonseca

    Studied and worked in communication and marketing for the past 8 years.


    Ingenius cook on her free time and fateful hockey fan, can´t say no to an invitation to travel!
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What is Volunteer tourism

Volunteer Tourism is a new way of travelling that combines two very interesting (and odd) concepts: Tourism and Volunteering in a unique experience.
Run away from mass tourism and boring travel agencies and discover Portugal in a more local and responsible way and contribute to fighting social inequality by volunteering in local social projects. This experience will transform simple package holidays in special occasions that give travelers a deeper and more real culture immersion.
We won't change the world in one day or one week but if we change one person's life at the time it is worth it.
  • Travel like a local
  • Have a direct positive impact
  • Culture immersion
  • Unforgettable experience

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